Features a new "Energy Core" technology made up of hundreds of microscopic fiber, providing more power with less effort to reduce arm fatigue. A special resin has been injected into the fibrous core to produce a highly resilient string. A smooth outer jacket is wrapped around the core for durability and stringing ease.
Mains: 16g 1.29mm 40ft/12.2m
Gut 2000 is a high performance string that utilizes microfibers in the core to provide a gut-like feel. The Mulifilament construction offers power while maintaining a supple and comfortable feel and is a solid-performer.
Mains: 15Lg 1.40mm 40ft/12.2m      Mains: 16g 1.33mm 40ft/12.2m
Mains: 17g 1.28mm 40ft/12.2m        Mains: 18g 1.20mm 40ft/12.2m
New, larger Multifilament Core provides an energetic combination of power and control. The Multifilament construction make-up provides the power while the large Multifilament Fibers promotes consistent tension maintenance for control.
Mains: 16g 1.29mm 40ft/12.2m
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